Caring comes first

   Kennelina Pet Resort focuses on overnight boarding with a personalized stay and play experience, and we also offer daycare.

  • Peace and quiet on our five-acre wooded property
  • Our newer facility was built in 2010 to the highest standards
  • Indoor / Outdoor air-conditioned suites
  • 24 hour security and fire monitoring
  • Owners on-site 7 days-a-week ... please call 704-820-8484 to make your reservation.

A more personalized experience for your pet

     No two pets are exactly alike.  Your dog might prefer to run with speedy playmates, or he may be more laid back.  Never met a stranger? ... or perhaps a bit shy around others?  Maybe she's a puppy and wants to play with everyone... or a bit older and prefers to just sniff around the yard.
      At Kennelina we specialize in small, selective play groups.  We match up dogs that like each other, and like to play the same way - usually just 2 or 3 dogs in a group!  We find that's the best way to make sure everyone is safe, and enjoys their time in the play yard.
     Call 704-820-8484 to book your stay.
You may have noticed... even our website is different.   Every pet you see has been an actual guest at Kennelina Pet Resort.  Just real dogs and cats... no "glamour-shot" fakes here!